twist off

VetExpert has incorporated in its products twist-off technology. The twist-off capsule protects the components from oxidation while at the same time it is the easiest form of product delivery to all pets, particularly small dogs and cats.

It is administered in two ways.

  • It can be administered as a whole without affecting the absorption of the components, because it consists of an enteric coating.
  • In animals having difficulty in swallowing capsules, the owner can easily cut the capsule head by hand and deliver its contents directly to the animal’s mouth or mix it with the animal’s feed.
lixoudia test

VetriScience produces its products in the form of chewable treats. The products become more appealing, the animal can eat easily and so the treatment becomes “game”. Because sometimes the owner has difficulty administering to his animal the treatment is incomplete. Products can now be snacked between meals.

Because each product has its own peculiarities, consult the product’s instructions for its retention time.