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ANICELL & Environment.

Our love for animals has become a full-time job. But while animal welfare is our job, the environment is our home.

We, in Anicell, show our interest in the environment with actions. We have done a number of actions so that our energy footprint is as small as possible. We have succeeded enough, we are proud of them and we would like you to allow us to share them with you.

  • Office space: All of our office lamps have been replaced with modern Led lighting fixtures. If all our fittings (400 square meters) light up, less than 800 watts are consumed.The air conditioners have ecological freon with inverter technology. Our computers are set to turn off the screen in 10 minutes and hibernate the system in just 15 minutes.
  • Recycling: We recycle paper, plastic, batteries, lamps in separate bins.
  • Cars: the cars we use were selected with a key criterion for pollutant emissions and low consumption. They all emit less than 100 grams. CO2 and consume less than 5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.
  • In our emails we have included a prompt for not printing emails unless necessary. When we need to use classic mail, we use envelopes of recycled paper.

The above is just the beginning. Our efforts are continually intensifying and we use whatever means the technology offers us to achieve this goal. Remember: the environment is our home and its protection is not just our obligation. It’s a nesessity.