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9 Sex-Positive Products To Suit Your Post-Election Self-care

In early morning hours of Nov. 9, my sweetheart held myself near their upper body while I sobbed tougher than i did so when my personal grandmother passed away. Like plenty of you, I found myself
devastated within the election effects
. I became terrified money for hard times within this nation and terrified for myself: an outspoken, general public, sex-positive feminist in an interracial union with men who’s not a citizen of your nation. I took the day off from work and leave myself personally lean into that experience, comprehending that
self care is more vital than in the past
even as we stuff right up for what will probably be an exhausting, hard, and incredibly essential fight.

A day later I bought and sold my pajamas for just what I like to phone “outside clothing,” showered, put-on some makeup, and had gotten as a result of work — it really is everything we all have to do. But I’m still thinking about self care and small techniques i can’t merely create me have more confidence but additionally help women- and rencontre femme mariee belgique-owned companies. I am in addition trying to puzzle out ways in which i could visibly reveal my values of
inclusiveness, sex-positivity, and intersectionality
to everyone. While a little section of me personally is actually frightened to be so public about issues that almost all of our very own country just chosen against, another section of me is ready to scream it through the rooftops.

I’m a woman. Im queer. I’ve sex and have now had intercourse with a lot of people and that I will not be ashamed. I enjoy my own body; We cherish my personal sexuality; i shall not be silenced. If you should be feeling like
you may need some self-care
in future days also desire to be noisy and happy about who you really are, see these nine awesome, sex-positive things that help woman- and femme-owned businesses.

1. Handcuff Bangles From Unbound

I bought these stackable gold handcuffs which can be worn as necklaces or as genuine handcuffs for myself personally this morning. Kinky and cute — and you’re
supporting Unbound
, and that’s hands down (pun intended) the best sex-positive shop right now.

However, if you want some thing a bit more slight, examine
this woman representation necklace
they may be also selling.

2. The Vesper Vibrator From Desire

Nothing claims sex-positive badass like putting on a dildo on your throat!
The Vesper
not merely supplies a selection of oscillations but is USB chargeable. Oh, and it’s really like the pen necklace that Joan wears on

Mad Men

, except it really is for your clitoris. Let me imagine she’d have rocked one if she’d encountered the choice.

3. “Personally I Think A Sin Coming-on” Postcard Set From BUST

lovable retro-style postcards
function 1950s women with terms like “i’m a sin coming-on” and “the term on slopes ended up being… she was



Put them on your own fridge as a cheeky reminder that gender positivity is about having a great time. Bonus: If you purchase them from the BUST Boobtique, you’re giving support to the OG third wave feminist mag.

4. “The Future Is Female” T-Shirt From Otherwild

Positive, these
“The Near Future Is Actually Feminine” shirts
have sprang right up everywhere in case you order one from Otherwild, they’re going to donate 25 % associated with proceeds to organized Parenthood. You can also be supporting separate musicians and artists and designers, which is usually good.

5. XCONFESSIONS From Erika Lust

If you haven’t been aware of Erika Lust, I’m planning to blow the mind. This feminist pornographer is reimagining not only exactly what pornography are when it’s looked over with the female gaze but she actually is additionally practically
switching people’s fantasies into pornography films
together with her XCONFESSIONS collection. Handle yourself and throw down certain bucks for porno that’ll not only make you horny AF but in addition make you feel great about seeing it.

6. “Turn Me Personally On” Pouch From Sustain

Sustain is actually a sexual wellness business operated by Meika Hollender and her father, Jeffrey Hollender. Besides
amazing, toxin-free condoms
, they offer this discreet but entirely
sex-positive little zippered pouch
. You need to use it to transport about condoms, makeup products, or your own Kindle (that is what I would as it is the actual ideal dimensions!). In addition, 10 % of product sales go to ladies’ wellness projects.

7. “Electricity Crotch” Tote Bag From Erika Lust

However if you are searching for anything a bit more inside face, a bit more f-you to the current president-elect and other people whom believes a female’s human anatomy belongs to any person other than their, take a look at this
“Power Pussy” tote bag from Erika Lust

8. Coat Hanger Necklace From PartsbyNC

The risk on our to choose is actually real at this time.
This jacket hanger necklace
from separate girl singer Amy D is your own note that we must keep fighting not to get back to the days whenever women happened to be obligated to perform their particular back-alley abortions with coating hangers. Additionally, it is an effective way to signal to the world that you are pro-choice.

9. Condoms And Tin From Lovability

Employing smooth concept and amazing emails like “Babe With The Power” and “chat Feminist To Me,”
Lovability’s brand new condom tins
are the best thing to take place to condoms since latex. Get a package of nine through its reusable tins and flash them about whenever you can as a reminder to yourself therefore the world your a proud, intimate lady.














Erika Lust



; Emma McGowan